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I’m sure most of you have heard of coffee shops and cafes where you can buy a “suspended” cup of coffee for a person in the future who needs it, but can’t afford to pay for it?

This inspired our Pay it Forward scheme as a way to help our existing members that find themselves in need of some short term support with their training fees.

Who can apply to use the Pay It Forward scheme?

Any existing member facing critical financial difficulty, who has been attending our kids, youth, teens or adult classes on any monthly membership level, showing consistent attendance.

How does it work?

There are times where we need a little help, and times where we, as a community, are fortunate to be able to offer a little help. Often the first place we look to reduce financial outlay is activities and clubs – the “nonessentials”, but these are usually the places that help the most with both physical and mental health. Here at RGA Marlow / Genesis Kickboxing we are a community where the wellbeing of our fellow students is of the highest importance. This scheme is offering a short term funded access to training to keep students in our community.

How much funding is there?

This will depend on how many ‘Pay It Forward’ membership donations we get.  The more people donate to memberships, the more funding will be available!

How long is funded membership available for?

The length of membership will be reviewed and decided by a committee, which is comprised of coaches and staff across our team, plus a member of the public.

How do I apply for funding?

Please contact our management team on 01628 484828 / [email protected]  Each case is individually assessed by the committee where the personal situation, the length of membership and attendance will all be taken into consideration.

How do I donate?

There is currently three Pay It Forward donation options:

  • 6 month membership one off payment of £660.00
  • 12 month membership (including yearly insurance) one off payment of £1345.00
  • A monthly payment of just £4 per month on a rolling monthly contract.
  • One off payment of £10 (or multiples of £10!!)

Simply click ‘Donate Now‘ on one of the options below and donate the membership of your choice!









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